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Fund raising - but for charities! Get sponsored to jump, get the jump for free* and provide important cash for charity

What’s the plan?

The jump will take place on 7th September 2013 at Skydive Northwest on Cark Airfield, roughly 1.5 hours drive from Manchester.

To secure your place a £50 deposit should be paid by 7th August 2013. Please email us for payment details.

The full price of the jump will be £215 if we have 10 people. You can choose to pay this yourself or to fund raise for our charity, The Mustard Tree homeless charity. If fund raising we ask that you raise at least £350 so that the charity gets a decent cut and you feel extra awesome!

We have an Introduction to Skydiving event at TechHub Manchester on Tuesday 30th July at 7pm for anyone interested to learn more about the sport, hear some history and look over some equipment.

Where can I sign up?

Take a look at the mailing list form; drop us your email and we’ll be in touch! If you want you can also email the organisers.

What will the day be like?

Now we’re onto the good stuff! Our plan is to stagger arrivals so that nobody is waiting around too long; most likely we’ll try for 10 people arriving every 2 hours. On arriving at the centre you’ll be registered and then go for 20-30 minutes training. Following this people will be called in groups to go and do the jump, usually 2-4 per aircraft. The flight takes around 15-20 minutes, reaching a height of ~13,000 feet - then you get out!

Exiting the plane your instructor will get stable in freefall, at which point you’ll be travelling around 150mph, or 1000 feet every 5 seconds. The freefall lasts around 40 seconds, when your instructor will open the parachute, slowing you down to safe landing speeds. The canopy ride takes around 5 minutes; canopies are fully steerable and its likely your instructor will let you make some turns whilst you’re up there - it feels like flying because it is! You’ll come in for landing gently, often landing on your feet. Once you’ve jumped we’ll encourage people to stay around for the rest of the day to be social, then head back to the city for an after party.

Tandem skydiving in Hollister

Are there medical or age requirements?

All skydivers must sign a BPA certificate of fitness to parachute. If you’re 40 or older you’ll need this form signed and stamped by a doctor (usually your GP, who may charge for this). Similarly there are some conditions listed that require a doctor’s signature - if you don’t get it signed you’re saying you don’t have these conditions, so do be accurate. Anyone 16-17 will need this form signed by a parent or guardian.

There is a maximum weight limit of 16 stone, but if you’re just over we can talk to the centre - this is due to the weight limits of the parachute kit and the weights of instructors at the centres. There’s an advisory rule against someone with a BMI of 27.5 or above carrying out a jump but this is covered by the certificate of fitness.

Touch the Sky

We keep hearing about this weird thing called indoor skydiving?

That’s not a question but I’ll answer it anyway. Indoor skydiving is a newish development in the skydiving world, using vertical wind tunnels to create a feeling similar to skydiving, floating on a cushion of air. There’s a centre at Trafford Park in Manchester, and we’re hoping to have a pre-jump trip there for any participants who are interested, as well as anyone who doesn’t feel like the skydive but does want to get involved. Sign up if you’re interested in this too!

Who’s running this crazy idea?

Tech Skydiving is a collaboration between TechHub Manchester and Ground Control Skydiving. The planning is being carried out by Mike Lehan, founder of Ground Control Skydiving and a skydiver for 5 years with over 120 jumps. Doug Ward, CEO of TechHub Manchester who is a co-organiser will be there to help you push through nerves whilst he is dealing with his! Mike will be able to answer any questions about skydiving and will try and join as many of the jumps as possible on the day.

Get involved!

Want to do the jump or are considering it? Feel like coming along to spectate or to the after-party? Interested in sponsoring or writing us up?

Surely skydiving is too dangerous, what will my VC say?!

Skydiving has dangers, like any extreme sport - you’d have to admit that’s part of the thrill! However modern skydiving is a very safe industry, and the UK has possibly the highest levels of safety in the world for skydiving. For a start there’s the bloke strapped to your back - to even train as a tandem instructor he had to have done 800 skydives already, and most will have 1000s. He’ll also be wearing two parachutes, a main canopy designed to be jumped 100s of times, packed quickly and give nice soft landings and a reserve canopy, designed to open no matter what, even if it might mean sliding in on your bum.

We have lots of statistics we can show you if you need more reassurance (or your angel investor does).

That sounds crazy, can someone record it for me?

Definitely, on the day the centre will have cameramen available who can join you in the aircraft and jump out with you, filming the whole thing and maybe taking still photographs as well. This usually costs around £100 extra that you pay directly, and we’ll let each person arrange this separately to avoid complicating the booking. Unfortunately you can’t strap on your own GoPro or get your camera phone out under canopy.

It’s currently blowing a gale out there, not great for skydiving?

That’s correct, skydiving is a weather dependant sport, and unfortunately we live in the UK - not the most predictible climate! Skydiving can only take place if the instructors and DZ controller on the day feel conditions are right. Crucially winds need to be 20mph or below, and we need to have reasonably clear skies - the guy in the plane needs to be able to see the ground. The booking will be made many weeks in advance, so we can’t guarantee the weather - we’re shooting for spring/summer to maximise our chances.

Fotos Salto Tandem

If the day before the weather looks really apocalyptic the centre may call us to let us know it’s off, but more likely they’ll want us to come in and wait it out - it can change fast so grey skies at 8am can be blue by 11am. If you can’t jump that day the centre will offer everyone to re-arrange for free. We plan to try organising a second jump date in advance, but we know it’s hard for everyone to make it, so you’ll be able to go back when you feel like it - we just need you to tweet when you do get it done

The Charities

We’re supporting The Mustard Tree homeless charity in Manchester. This is based on Tech Skydiving organiser Mike’s trip to San Francisco where he saw the hidden side of the city and its homeless problem. Our original plan was to support a second charity in San Francisco; unfortuantely we have not had the time to build a large enough event this year, but we would still love to do this in the future.


We need you to make this happen! This is a unique opportunity to engage with the organic tech community, from established pros to tomorrow’s next innovators. The primary purpose of event funding is to increase the donation amount to the charities we’re supporting.

We’re happy to discuss exact sponsorship terms but you’ll get a logo on our site for sure. There are also options of logos on promotional material, mentions of the company as a sponsor when we talk to the press, and opportunities to present at the event or after party.

If your company can’t sponsor us why not send a team of your employees to join the event; we hope to video the day on the ground, so give them some t-shirts with your logo and let them fly free!


Want to talk to us about featuring Tech Skydiving? Well we’re not surprised - get in touch!

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